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Bond of Sisters"African Palm Tree", Caribbean, "Dominican Republic", "Elaeis guineensis", "Induspalma Dominicana", "Oil Palm", "República Dominicana", deforestation, "palm tree", plantation, macaw-fatPalms at MoonlightBeast of BurdenAnimal, Beach, Caribbean, "Domestic Animals", "Dominican Republic", Donkey, Field, Grass, Hill, Meadow, Nature, Outdoors, "Playa Rincon", "Rural Scene", TexturedBlue Morpho Butterfly (Morpho peleides)Monkey CupsAndes, Lake Titicaca, Peru, Puno, Taquile Island, Taquileño, child, costume, countyside, craft, culture, dress, female, fingers, folk, folklore, girl, hands, highlands, hilado, inca, incan, island, kiTaquileño GirlGirl with the Pink ThreadThe Face of the PelicanPeruvian PelicansHawberry Winter Tree (Green)Sometimes it's all about...RevelationThe Short and TallThe Killer PumpkinsDream JourneySoul in a RoseFor a Weary Mind