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A Room for London

Installed in 2012, A Room for London is a single-room, boat-shaped hotel (features a bedroom, kitchenette, library and viewing-deck) seemingly moored on the roof of the Queen Elizabeth Hall. The unexpected structure was developed by Living Architecture, a social enterprise that operates a number of exceptionally designed holiday homes throughout Britain, an organisation that commissions creative projects by contemporary artists.

Its unusual design, by David Kohn Architects and the artist Fiona Banner, was selected from over 500 entries submitted in an open competition and draws inspiration from Joseph Conrad’s book Heart of Darkness, which documented the author’s riverboat voyage through the Congo in the late 19th century. Although firmly on dry land – despite its prow extending over the lip of the building – their creation remains close to the water. The Thames flows directly past and guests can observe the tugboats and riverboat services that continually sail past.