Istvan Kadar Photography | About
"I mostly love taking photos in nature with natural lights, but I also like to accentuate certain parts of an image to create dreamy painterly landscapes and portraits. To me, photography is all about the final image, regardless of the journey, whether it is through a traditional medium or digital post processing. I believe there should be ‘no limitations’ on one’s creativity to arrive at a beautiful picture."

These are the words of Hungarian artist, Istvan Kadar whose art exudes a fairy tale-like quality, possibly inspired by his homeland Transylvania. Looking through his vast collection you are transported to a world of dreamcatchers and intriguing landscapes.

Born and grew up in Sepsiszentgyörgy, Transylvania, Istvan later moved to Canada at the age of 22. He has held the post of Art Director at many notable advertising agencies, both in Budapest, Hungary and in Toronto, Canada. Now though, he focuses solely on his own art and his work is a regular feature at exhibitions.

In his photos Istvan allows us entry into the world of an extraordinary vision of our world. The photos are more than mere two-dimensional records and instead play on the effects of light-and-shadow, peculiar colors, as well as textures perceived during his real and imaginary travels. It’s hard to explain other than to say that although many of his pictures appear to be captured in a natural environment, they manage to depict a fantasy world.
The artist’s talents have not gone unnoticed and he has won numerous awards including the National Geographic first prize award in Nature Category (2008) and second place in the Hungarian Press Photo Award.

~ Funzine Magazine