Istvan Kadar exhibits a vast array of Travel pictures on his website that evoke the mystery and exotica that those of us who love to travel long for. We're inspired to find such places and luxuriate in their allure and charm. His Animal images possess a realism worthy of the attention which they receive. Architecture ranges from the old to the ultra modern, Flora and Nature capture the power, beauty and wonder of the natural environments surrounding us and available throughout the world. And he cleverly pairs videos with the perfect musical accompaniment! 

Born and raised in Sepsiszentgyörgy, Transylvania, Istvan move to Canada at the age of 22. It's not surprising then that his world encompasses everything, anything and everywhere his imagination and sharp eye take him. I've been fortunate to be the recipient of his creative energy in that he has designed five book covers for my latest novel series as well as the covers of two novellas. And I'm not the only author with lavish and exciting images gracing their written work. 

There are many photographers in the world, some with a great eye for framing, others noted for their selection of subject, those who excel with mood and imaginative shots. With Istvan's highly creative works you get all of this and more, expressed in photographs, videos and graphic design. It's no wonder his work has won awards, including from National Geographic for excellence, and you can find a selection of photos on the Getty image site. In the past, he held the position of Art Director at several notable advertising agencies in both Budapest, Hungary and Toronto, Canada. Now, he focuses solely on his own art, his photographs frequently featured at exhibitions.

Beyond all other skills required, a photographer must be passionate about his visual endeavours, and Istvan Kadar is.

~ Nancy Kilpatrick (writer)