Charles Fisch(non-registered)
István, Your photos capture the the unique colours, mood and essence of each place you visit. From dramatic skies to the textures of rocks, land, water and vegetation —they are all alive in perfect harmony in your every scene. They are truly beautiful works of art that touch the soul. Your techniques of photo-processing are obviously meticulous and highly skilled that took many years to learn, but your flair for the artistic cannot be learned —it is your innate talent. You gambled with your career and won! I hope you now reap the rewards of your hard work and dedication. I wish you many wonderful, satisfying surprises in your next 20 years of photography.
Jerri Johnson(non-registered)
Hello Istvan,
It’s been many years. I have never forgotten your work. 3 years ago I went through some life changes, but your art stayed in my heart. I hope that you are safe and well. Jerri Johnson
I love his passion, his art, his photograpy... he took the most amazing shots of me and I've always felt safe and comfortable working with him as a model.
Jeff Grovestine(non-registered)
Hi Istvan, great photos!! You're very talented and well-travelled!
Denise Jancar(non-registered)
they are AMAZING, congratulation : )
N. Jamani(non-registered)
Referred to this site by Marie Tomeoki's youtube channel. Enjoyed the video of you and Pipaces cruising on the bike. Personally like your design work on the packaged dried fruits.
Mainy Sundström(non-registered)
I really love your photos tanks for charing ..
Beata Manczur(non-registered)
István, gyönyörűek a fotóid.
Absolutely, amazingly beautiful photos. I will share the link with my friends on facebook. Everyone has to see them. I wonder, what this music you added to your website? Also very nice. Good taste. Hugs, love from Denmark
Rakshanda Anderson(non-registered)
Absolutely stunning photographs.... thank you
love it
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