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Neues PalaisUniversity of Potsdam at Sanssouci Park, Potsdam, Brandenburg, GermanyUniversity of PotsdamSanssouci Palace and the Terrace Vineyards, Potsdam, GermanyOberbaum Bridge, BerlinThe Rotes Rathaus or Red Town Hall in Berlin, GermanyArch, Architecture, Baden-Württemberg, "Bridge - Man Made Structure", "Building Entrance", "Building Exterior", "Cloud - Sky", "Colour Image", Day, Gate, "German Culture", Germany, "Heidelberg - Germa"River Rhine", Germany, Castle, "Heidelberg - Germany", "Alte Brucke", River, Architecture, "Baden-Württemberg", "Man Made Structure", "Built Structure", Day, "Famous Place", "German Culture", "HeidelPedal Boats on the Neckar RiverMarburgMarburg Cobbled StreetMarburg CastleEiserner StegThe Frankfurt Love BridgeOstzeileGermany, balloons, clouds, "from Burg Gleiberg", sky, sunset, weddingWettenbergBurg GleibergKoblenz