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Taken 2-Nov-21
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Torre UnipolSai, Milano, Italia

UnipolSai Corporate Centre will have an X-shaped, nest-like structure; the materials used for construction will be glass, wood and steel. The works will be completed by an auditorium with more than 270 seats and a panoramic greenhouse garden on the roof dedicated to public and cultural events. The building has been designed to maximize energy efficiency thanks to a double cavity along the exterior walls that dampens the summer heat and insulates the winter cold. There are also solar panels to generate electricity. Along the outer perimeter of the building, there are conservatories on the terraces and on the roof terrace, which help to control the internal temperature of the building without artificial ventilation systems.

IBM Studios

A formerly UniCredit building designed by world-famous architect Michele de Lucchi has been erected as a multipurpose building to house the bank’s general meetings, but also exhibitions and cultural events open to the Milan public.

It occupies a privileged position against the background of Porta Nuova, beneath the mirror-glazed tower and in a dialogue with the Porta Nuova public gardens.
The building has no foundations, being constructed on a reinforced concrete podium above the parking facility. Its soft profile is inspired by the shape of a seed, and its materials are natural.