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Cau An Hoi Bridge, Hoi An, VietnamSunset Talk, U-Bein Bridge, Mandalay, MyanmarFisherman Under the U-bein Bridge, Mandalay, MyanmarSkywalk, U-Bein Bridge, Mandalay, MyanmarSunset Walk, U-Bein Bridge, Mandalay, MyanmarU-Bein Bridge, Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma)Sunset on the U-Bein Bridge, Mandalay, MyanmarManhattan View from Brooklyn BridgeBrooklyn BridgeSamuel Beckett Bridge, DublinOberbaum Bridge, BerlinThe Tower Bridge at NightLondon's 'Girl with a Dolphin' Fountain and Tower BridgeThe Tower Bridge, LondonNight LightsTouch of PinkThe Gothic Bridge in Central ParkThe George Washington BridgeThe George Washington Bridge at SunsetRialto Bridge, Venice, Italy