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Bathing of the Buddha at the Tuesday Corner, Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon, Myanmar

Situated at the top of Singuttara Hill and overlooking the city, this incredibly sacred place has witnessed Myanmar’s dynamic, ever-changing history over the course of an estimated 2,500 years. The Shwedagon has endured severe natural disasters, military occupation, been the site of historic public speeches and protests; and yet, its grandeur exists today to tell each century’s story in the faintest sounds of bells and the loudest patters of bare feet.

Surrounding the towering bell-shaped stupa, referred to as a zedi in Burmese, are 64 smaller stupas and four larger cardinal corner ones. 12 planetary posts representing days of the week and the moon’s ascension also encompass the zedi’s base.

Pilgrims from other countries and throughout Myanmar add to the vibrancy with their traditional clothes and offerings. You will witness moments of prayer, meditation and the ‘bathing of the Buddha’ by day of the week. Labels with the days of the week surround the stupa and dictate the placement of offerings. The Monday corner is reserved for those who were born on a Monday, Tuesday corner for Tuesday, and so on. Washing the Buddha at the corner of your birthday is considered lucky and good for karma.