National Geographic Award – 1st Prize in Nature Category

animals, ape, baby, cute, furry, milk, monkeys, mother, motherhood, punk, suckling, "long-tailed macaques"Sweet Mother's MilkOn the island of Bali, the long-tailed macaques like to hang around near humans as they often are given a bite to eat. You often see them around temples, I came across them at Ulluwatu temple. They spend their time rummaging on the temple walls and watch to see if they can pinch some delicacy from the tourists. One of the young macaques filched the hair elastic from a girl walking in front of me in split of a second and tore it to pieces in a spectacular performance.

2008 International Photography Contest

After receiving more than 220,000 submissions, National Geographic judges have selected the winners in the third global photography contest. Each participating country held national contests and sent one photo from each of the three categories to the Society's Washington headquarters.

My "Precious Mother's Milk" photo won the 1st Prize in Nature Category.

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