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Taken 27-Jan-20
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Sumeru Mountain Palace., Muang Boran, Thailand

One of Muang Boran's highlights is the Sumeru Mountain Palace. The Sumeru Mountain feature represents the centre of the Universe according to Thai cosmology, which is supported by the giant Ananda fish, keeping it above the waters of the Cosmic Ocean. This fish from Hindu mythology, according to legend, she lives in the endless spaces of space, and one movement of the tail is capable of causing an earthquake and tsunami.

According to Thai cosmology, Sumeru Mountain is considered the pillar of the world as well as the center as the universe. The mountain, supported stays above the surface of the water. lt is the residence of spirits ranging from deities in heaven to devils in hell. The beings living by the mountainside also include humans, nagas, garudas. ogres. ogresses and yogis. Each of them is distinguished by wisdom morality.